Still Beside The Road – #still4amo

Sky from a layby at 5.00 pm

The setting sun this evening rendered the hills in a mysterious light. I tried to stop and take a photograph earlier in the process but very nearly got stuck in mud!

There are some interesting comments being left. A couple of dogs sitting with their people…waiting to be fed. And a chap stopping work dead on 5.00 pm to sit for a bit.

Life continues. We are fortunate, so very fortunate.

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3 thoughts on “Still Beside The Road – #still4amo”

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I joined the sitting-for-a-minute group also when I saw your post on Monday morning. 9am my time, if I’ve figured it right, which puts me at work and a great time to take a minute. Today I found this on-line timer which is rather handy so that I don’t spend the minute staring at my computer clock.
    Thank you for bringing us along with you on this adventure.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the link, very useful. Glad you are sitting at the same time, allowing for the time difference between here and West coast of USA. At the last count there are ten people being still.

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