Still Snow


The snow is losing it’s wonderment, and with more on the way tonight and more shovelling tomorrow, it’s becoming an activity and less something to point a camera at.

Yes and still is how it is amidst the activity. Still snow? An almost hallowed stillness. A blue peacefulness. There’s just something about snow which overtakes everything else. Shovelling or not I love the stuff.

Above in the sky, Saturn is ablaze. It is SO bright in the night sky at the moment and apparently we’ll not be seeing it quite like this for another seventeen years!

Looking around for an inspiring verse to offer and I spot this one above my computer monitor:

Adoration to all the Buddhas,
Adoration to the limitless Teaching.
Peace! Speak! Blaze! Up! Open!
To the glorious peaceful One,
For Whom there is no disaster.

Some will recognize this verse as the Invocation for the Removal of Disasters. A verse of uplift. It is sometimes recited for those who are about to undertake a journey. Even a journey along an icy path.

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2 thoughts on “Still Snow”

  1. It looks like you have more snow than we do here in Lohwinkel. Snow shadows make a special shade of blue. Almost lilac.

  2. The sentence “There’s just something about snow which overtakes everything else.” struck me, it gives expression and points to what I feel in a sentence in the scripture where distinctions seem to ‘fall away’: “The white snow falls upon the silver plate. The snowy heron in the bright moon hides.”
    ‘White snow’, like ‘still snow’, feels somehow mystically.

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