Not An Event – It’s Happening!

Walking to the Medicine Meal this evening, the small lamps in the lane lighting my way through the mounding up snow, I once again was brought to know how fortunate I am. Fortunate to be here in the wonderful snowy wilds of Northumberland with the immediate happy anticipation of eating a meal with like minded people. Yes, and having adequate shelter, clothing and the like.

I guess my thoughts of gratitude are triggered by thoughts of one who is in very much less fortunate circumstances. Yesterday I discovered that somebody I know distantly in the Buddhist Blogger world is homeless in Sacramento. He once encouraged me to keep on writing this blog. He also gave me some good advice too, which he needn’t have done. I was and am grateful.

Spare a thought for Tom. Homelessness is not an event – it’s Happening. And so is the snow!

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2 thoughts on “Not An Event – It’s Happening!”

  1. I can only imagine what London must have been like these last couple of days. Hope your youngsters are getting all the fun you can handle, and some!

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