Sympathetic Joy

Moss Star
Here seeming to float above the top of a gate post is a mossy star! Amazing! Here to show, once again, that nature decorates SO well! However sometimes nature gets a helping hand, for the fun and joy of sharing our human endeavours. Thus we have another collective wool crafting event in Eastern Cumbria. But anybody in the world can join in.

Help us to transform the woodland of National Trust property Acorn Bank with thousands of woollen artworks, in support of the Campaign for Wool. We are inviting schools, groups, organizations and individuals to make and send in woollen artworks, made using any wool craft technique or woollen material. Absolutely anyone can get involved! This new project follows on from our 2011/12 ‘Join the FLOCK’ project, that saw over 5000 people sending in pom-pom sheep to form a giant art installation.
Woolen Woods.

Join the flock  at the Woolfest Cockermouth
Inspired by a friend’s friend who had unraveled a home-knit and then knitted it into the most beautiful fine scarf I rifled through the local charity shop for wool this afternoon. But nothing turned up. At the very least I’d like to knit a spider and a butterfly for the woolly woods.

Yes, I champion such collective efforts, they bring people together. And I rather like the lone knitters who wrap up fences and lamp posts at dead of night with their home knits. Just why is that I wonder? Partly it brings me joy to encounter creative efforts freely shared, boldly displayed. And want to share that with you.

In this post titled A Joyful New Year on Field of Merit Rev. Alicia talks about joy. Doing that which brings joy. Perhaps I derive joy from others joy! Did anybody hear of Mudita one of the four sublime states? Mudita, sympathetic joy.

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