Writing To Encourage Reflection

Red sky end to sunny day.
Red sky end to sunny day.

I’m not that surprised to read in this article How Users Read on the Web to find that…we don’t! We don’t read every word, apparently we scan. So I’m all taken up with reading (Applying) Writing Guidelines for Web Pages instead of doing what I really need to be doing! Which is READING a lot of on-line text. Like 79% of readers I will most likely be scanning to get the gist. And there in lies a problem. For me. Is it disrespectful of the author(s) to scan. Do I need to write differently to respect the need readers (in a hurry) have to get the point, understand, appreciate my point – fast? Faster.

Red faced
as the sky
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I can
write and


you to
for yourself?

So after all my on-line reading today I will probably not be changing my writing ways. Sorry to say. Jade is not an instruction manual after all. My wish and my hope is that it points you back into your own mind and heart.

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2 thoughts on “Writing To Encourage Reflection”

  1. In your earlier posts, I’ve been consistently reading ‘Brain Pickings’ as ‘Brian Pickings’, so you see how I read!! To save time (and improve my on-line security perhaps) I rarely open links in posts, so the error was never corrected! No one size fits all. Your writing is leavened with images, and often they say all that is needed.
    in gassho

  2. Oh thanks Walter. What would make you feel more able to click on links I insert into posts. Brian pickings! How interesting.

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