Taken Up With Apples

There was a bit of a wind here in Reading today….
and the apple tree shed (ahem!) its fruit.

I’ve know this apple tree for twenty years. I’ve sat under it, relaxing on a Sunday afternoon, with worms and maggots dropping on me! And now it is laying apples! In between action in the Priory, mostly dealing with curtains today, I step out into the garden and gather up the wind falls. The best of them, in true chicken tradition, are the ones hidden in the undergrowth!

The fruit is accumulating. What a bounty. Ripe fruit, ready for the eating. Just like our lives. Ripe fruit, ready for the eating.

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2 thoughts on “Taken Up With Apples”

  1. Thanks Michael. Not sure which Michael I am speaking to however, yes I too get a delight from apples directly from the tree. Younger years had me picking apples for money at this time of year. Earlier still I’d be found ‘scrumping’ apples in our local orchards in East Sussex. Kept us kids off the streets.

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