Touching Breakfast

Romanesco Cauliflower

Because they appear similar at all levels of magnification, fractals are often considered to be infinitely complex (in informal terms). Natural objects that are approximated by fractals to a degree include clouds, mountain ranges, lightning bolts, coastlines, snow flakes, various vegetables (cauliflower and broccoli), and animal coloration patterns.
Fractal – Wikipedia

My preference is for savory breakfasts. Not everybodies cup of tea. Imagine my delight when I grasped hold of this piece of Romanesco Cauliflower this morning! Breakfast can be a thing of beauty and wonder. As well as being nourishing! Just what is it about fractal vegi, fractal anything? Perhaps something to do with infinity. Infinite, without measure. That which draws one in. We might talk about that which is without edges. And sometimes I use that expression to point to that which is. One might talk or think about the infinate and that have real and deep meaning personally.

This evening a bunch of people came for meditation instruction. Great to meet people wanting to give meditation a try. What is it that calls people to do that? We give that a word, we give words a try to describe what’s in our hearts. Words are what we have. Words give us an ever receding object to hunt around for until such time as the hunt is called off – and we just sit and touch our deepest heart – and then words come. And they too fall away.

Personally my breakfast vegi said it all to me this morning! What ever it expressed, it touched me.

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6 thoughts on “Touching Breakfast”

  1. Dear Rev. Master Mugo,

    What an incredible cauliflower! It reminds me of the Buddha’s curls — perhaps another example of our ‘reduced-size copy of the whole.’ :) Thank you for reminding me about fractals……

    Glad to see you are home safe and resting.

    With love and bows,

  2. Kaspa, it is amazing how we manage to post alike even after all these years you have been away from blogging. You were a sad loss to the Buddhist blogging world and now you are BACK.
    Like the article too. You were always much more articulate with your postings….

  3. Glad you see something in this beauty, Buddha’s curl is a nice thought. I love the spiral effect myself. Want to say more about the Avatamsaka reference? You are better read than me I am sure.

  4. I don’t know about being better read Rev. Master, but certainly don’t have much understanding about the Avatamsaka Sutra. I believe it was Master Hsuan Hua who lectured on it every day for over nine years — incredible! I believe his commentaries are available online.

    One thing Master Hsuan Hua says that sticks out for me is, “Wherever the Flower Ornament Sutra text is found, there is the Buddha.” It reminds me of fractals (their infinite uniqueness and underlying similarities), of Brahma’s Net, of the whole moon reflecting in a single drop of water, of aspen trees…..of this blog!

    I am off to the Induction for Rev. Master Meian and am looking forward to the festivities and for the promise of the future. Just another example of fractals :)

    Take care and thanks again for the energy you put into this joyful practice!


  5. Yes, our minds have been going in the same direction in terms of Brahma’s Net. I love that scripture. As you well know we have a ceremony specially to celebrate the scripture and it has to be my most fav ceremony.

    Offer a pinch of incense for me please and convey my love and best wishes to Rev. Master Meian from me if you get a chance.

    Oh, and it brings me much joy to know that you, and others, see joyfulness in practice. This doesn’t mean that there is not pain and hurt and sadness and grif in our days… What a life it would be if every day we had sunshine!

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