Talking His Truth

Wisdom At Walmart

There are always troubles. Sometimes big and sometimes little. We travel through life unstained. There is something at our center that isn’t troubled by what passes by us. That truth is true for all of us. We are all connected through the universality of mankind.
Spoken by Harold, the man at Walmart whose job it is to greet shoppers as they enter the store. Met him this day.

Three of us stood spell bound as this most humble of men quietly sat and talked to us. As we left I sat down on the bench beside him and thanked him for his wisdom. Joined by my traveling companions we said good by and put our hands together in what we call ‘gassho’, a gesture of recognition and gratitude. He did the same. He said ‘God Bless’, I said ‘God Bless’ and then we walked over to the car, climbed in and headed to Portland Priory.

We are indebted to the Harolds of this world. People who talk their truth with humility and with no intention to teach or enlighten. He just seemed to be happy to talk.

Thanks to my traveling companions for helping to remember what was said. It is but the gist of what took place.

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5 thoughts on “Talking His Truth”

  1. I love Harold (I don’t know him, just from what you wrote, I mean)! What an encounter!

    “There is something at our center that isn’t troubled by what passes by us”

    This seems to ring true to me, but alas, often it doesn’t feel that way! It’s almost like it’s true but that I can’t have faith that it’s true…can’t trust it.

    Anyway, happy travels Rev Mugo.

  2. Pascal. Interesting business isn’t it this faith/trust thing. I guess one grows faith/trust as something proves worthy of trust, of being trust worthy. Because what Harold pointed to (our center) is not an actual place but more a universal truth it’s not possible to prove true in the usual way of doing that in other spheres. So what is the answer? Perhaps to remember, remind oneself, that faith and trust as I am speaking now has not an object, eg faith in, trust in. Simple trust like the fact that the ground is there to meet ones foot when stepping out, or that when one goes to sleep one will be awake again. Which reminds me…I’d better close my eyes soon. Happy trails and happy grape picking too.

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