Wandering Star(s)

Out of Portland. Early in the morning. Dare I say it, 5.30 am in the morning! Delivered two boxes of books and picked up three splendid meditation mats at Great Vow Monastery. We were given a tour of the buildings. Made bows, offered incense and then a gift as we were preparing to leave. What a gift. Swift and fleet of foot our gazelle like guide ran up the garden and returned with two ripe Asian Pears fresh from a tree. The image of this monk winging his way and the delicious fruit will be my main memory of this temple. Lovely temple too. Hearing the chanting of morning service as my traveling companion and I arrived in the dawn light is still in my ears.

Onwards into Canada. O Canada! I could break into song at the joy of returning to this country. In fact I think we did break into song but not O Canada. It went something like, I was born under a wandering star, wheels were made for rollin’, mules were made to pack. I never did see a town that didn’t look better lookin’ back. From Paint Yer Wagon, Lee Marvin.

Anyway here I rest for the night. Up a mountain, in a cabin. With an internet connection. Obviously.

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2 thoughts on “Wandering Star(s)”

  1. Just got back from a weekend at the Temple and when I read this entry I really giggled because my Dad’s favorite movie is “Paint Your Wagon”. When we were there for a month we introduced Marc to the movie, most Germans haven’t seen it, and then we watched a Western with my Dad every night…he has a huge collection of them. I sent this entry as a link to my Dad…I think he’ll get a kick out of it! By the way, my Dad can do a great imitation of Lee Marvin singing the song! He almost has the same voice.

  2. Jack. Nice story and I can see how you would giggle. Next you will need to introduce M to Annie Get Your Gun. Another great movie, along with North To Alaska which inspired me to go there.

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