Talking Into The Morning

Mt. Shasta in evening light. I’ll be there in no time at all.

Nothing like a long talk,
Long into this morning
We talked, and talked.

Now time to sleep
Then rise, sit and sing
Drive to the airport
And fly!

To Germany
To the Black Forest
To work in the garden
And fly back.

To pick up my visa
Because it’s ready.
Heard the news

And lest I forget – Happy Buddha’s Birthday. I received my first card this morning, early in the morning. Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “Talking Into The Morning”

  1. Save travels, Rev Mugo. Perhaps we will have a chance to meet when you are in Mt. Shasta. I would like that if it happens…and Happy Buddha’s Birthday!

  2. Yes, Happy Buddha’s Birthday – celebrated here in Germany this very day. And I’d like it too if we can meet this time I’m in America.

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