Search For Meaning

I said it before
and I will say it again.

Oregon afternoon
eyes search/seeking for meaning in
sun? sky? tree? cloud? air? me?
and not for the first time either
of course.

What happened? What changed that day?

Black Forest morning walking
sun, sky, tree, cloud, air, me.
Not searching, nothing found
Well, OK then….

OK folks please do not run off with lots of ideas about what I have written here. Read at face value, let it go and get on with your day. Meaning comes and goes. Let it.

I have limited access to the Internet for the next couple of weeks, probably, so I am likely to post telegrams rather than letters.

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One thought on “Search For Meaning”

  1. Your poem reminded me of what I wrote one afternoon at the temple in the “in-between-time” of winter and spring:

    There is a day
    Between winter and spring
    When neither snow falls
    Nor one bird sings

    Left alone
    In a silent, bare
    Land of eye and ear.

    A sound
    A sight
    From the up-reaching, barren
    Branched trees

    Eye and Ear
    Found full
    Then back again
    To the day
    Between winter and spring.

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