Tenderly Delicate – Moment of Transcendence


clearing clouds ~
soft between thumb and forefinger
a new beech leaf


People labour on for years, honing their craft, their loves and their passions. Haiku, fostering/loving/caring for live things, perhaps inspiring others to follow their delights to share with others. There are many and varied ways we express ourselves, our deepest selves. It’s the heart of it, be it a towering building or a humble hut, a few choice words a single note that brings us, briefly, within and beyond our ‘selves’. Moments of transcendence.

This post is for those very dear people who were part of my miss spent youth*
I’d never have used *that expression to describe my pre-monastic life however one of those dear people described their youth in that way and they got me thinking. Did we ‘miss spend’ or did we live those years opening our cells to extend past our individual selves? To give of ourselves. Extending wider, deeper, multi-coloured into the larger world. Moments of transcendence, each in our own unique way, we ‘go on’.

Thanks to Anon for your ongoing inspiration.

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3 thoughts on “Tenderly Delicate – Moment of Transcendence”

  1. I think one of the worst ways to mis-spend one’s youth is to retreat from life or live to someone else’s ideas. Once those pitfalls are avoided the rest I suspect is seldom error. Few are ‘off the rails’. And those that are, are likely victims of neglect. Whichever way it unfolds the desire to be, to experience, is its self transcendent.

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