Asia On the Mend


Asia seems to have recovered her appetite, energy and voice. We think she is out of danger. We are very grateful for the kind words sent our way and the merit sent her way.

Terry in Edmonton, Canada.

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7 thoughts on “Asia On the Mend”

  1. Cool that Asia is looking like she will be around for a while longer. I have a cat now, Chloe (Camp Cat) was a resident at a protest camp and lived with a nice bunch of human beings and other cats. She did what cats do. She is now retired on my couch. She sits with me when I meditate in the mornings before work.
    Cats are great.

    Nice to hear good news.


  2. Wonderful news. Asia is a beautiful little spirit.
    Think of you and of course Meiten often. Although she has moved on I still feel her with me.

    Sending love,

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