The Charmed Encounter With David Bowie (1980’s)

And so it was and so it came to pass. A story for all those who have the ability to imagine the invisible being….well visible! Read the story and see what I mean.

‘I met David Bowie once,’ was the thing that my friend said, that caught my attention.

‘You did? When was this?’ I was amazed, and surprised, too, at the casual way he brought this revelation out. Almost anyone else I know would have told the tale a million times already.

He seemed surprised I would want to know, and he told me the whole thing, all out of order, and I eked the details out of him.

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4 thoughts on “The Charmed Encounter With David Bowie (1980’s)”

  1. Dear Rev Mugo,
    It’s while since I have left a comment so first of all greetings.
    I would just like to share that this post bought back memories of an old friend, Sharron, who died young from cystic fibrosis in 1988…she must have been one of the others mentioned in the story. She also got to meet David Bowie on the set of Labyrinth in 1986 as I recall. It was a significant moment in her life and similarly it meant a lot to her. I still have, somewhere, a photo taken on that occasion of the two of them together. I think the meeting was arranged by a charity called.. Dreams Come True or something similar. She didn’t, as far as I know, get an invisible mask but then she didn’t need one.
    In gassho

    1. Tim that is absolutely brilliant. Thanks so much for writing and for the memory of your friend Sharron. David Bowie did a whole lot of good. Lovely to hear from you.

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