The Contemplations?

As you will now have realized the daily contemplations of the past week or more were part of a poem by Ryokan. However, a couple of lines published each day did seem to work quite well as separate posts to contemplate. I hope they worked for you too.

I cut right back on my ‘screen time’ during our retreat here at Throssel but I did check emails to make sure nobody needed to be in touch urgently. Each day I saw the Jade post come into my inbox and decided to contemplate along with all of you. Firstly the images were stupendous I thought.  Over the next days, I will revisit some of the posts and see what I come up with in response.


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2 thoughts on “The Contemplations?”

  1. Dear Rev Master Mugo
    Seeing just the two lines helped me focus on the meaning of just those two lines. It was very helpful and I took a great deal more from the poem reading it in this way and having time to contemplate them before seeing the next two.
    Each set of two lines stood very strongly on their own.
    Thank you for this offering.
    All good wishes
    In gassho

    1. Thanks Tina. I had wondered how this form of just two lines at a time was received. I too got a lot more from reading this poem in ‘bits’ not knowing, or remembering what came next.

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