Unique Expressions

Ancient sages left their works behind, not to let us know
About themselves, but to help us understand our own stamp.

Now, isn’t that interesting? The ancient sages left their ‘works’, wrote scriptures and the like leaving their own ‘stamp’. By so doing leaving their wholely unique expression; quality, flavour, colour, voice as an altruistic act, not a self-promotional one and yet they DID let us know about themselves in a certain sense.

I think I’ve talked about this before, about writing and why put pen to paper or fingertips to the keyboard? And my answer is and has been consistent to understand better my own stamp. Or more accurately writing helps me to get out what is basically a tangle of unformed thoughts and ideas lurking in the background of my mind trying to make sense of existence. In the process or organizing my thought allowing my ‘voice’ to be heard, this blog would be seen as being ‘all about Mugo’! Scary. By the way, what I write is not worthy of posterity in the same way or level the ancients  expressions.

It is said that the scriptures were written at ‘death’s door’ and by that, I understand the ancients gave their lives to the Dharma not that they waited until they were close to death to put what they had found into a written form or spoke about it.

So I am grateful for the scriptures and writings passed down to us and for me, they resonate in such a way that the universality of what is being pointed to points directly into me. In so doing making it true for myself, then the truths become lived and as a consequence, become basically invisible. That surely is the way to digest teaching, ancient or modern. Ownership is not part of the picture.

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2 thoughts on “Unique Expressions”

  1. That is so true for me. Whenever I create a piece of work, I have realised that I do not own it, but am simply the conduit through which it comes into being. A valuable conduit but still a conduit! The work is not mine, but has access to other beings via my body. When people compliment me on a piece, I feel so happy that I have been able to bring ideas to them, not my ideas but ones that have always been in existence and always will exist. I feel so grateful for the chances to do that.
    In gassho

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