The Irreparable Hour

River Bela - in full spate
River Bela – in full spate
Tempus fugit: Time is fleeting. Where tempus fugit appears as fugit inreparabile tempus it is: it escapes, irretrievable time.

Ah the flying time!
Fast flies
irreparable hour.

In Zen we have a verse:

Time flies
As an Arrow
Flies from a bow.

To the teacher then:

I wish to sit
beside you
And learn from you.

The verses are a commitment, a deep one. Yes, time passes and deeper still there is never a time when one does not learn from ‘the teacher’.

This post is for all those who are caught in the irreparable hour. The space from diagnosis and a date for surgery. The space from date of surgery to surgery. Time does not fly then. Time wears heavy boots then. And still we can sit beside/in our heavy boots, the interminable hour. And learn. For ever.

Sounds trite perhaps but what else is there?

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4 thoughts on “The Irreparable Hour”

  1. What a life line your posts are – what a time line – how gently you shepherd us from lines of desire and round us up to sit in our boots, shoes, sandals, socks, skinbags —

    1. Loretta! What a gift your comment. Just this morning, wondering as I do about ‘doing in the world’, I remembered that Jademountains is my ‘return to’ place. Now, over ten years of Jade I’ve moved to posting ‘when the spirit moves’ (as it were). Day on day life has me away from electronic devices the majority of the days. However, getting this kind of comment has me twang back to type and….well….open my heart and mind to who ever drifts by. Thank you, thank you.

      People, do post comment(s).

      As I navigate my way towards Canada in July I see I’ve to apply for a visa – a departure from previous times. I have to say part of me is glad that security and such checks are in place, given the state of the world and travel risks.

  2. Hi,
    What else is there? Indeed, a timely reflection as the waters flow on. My answer today on a very stressful period is this: lovely and timely post on making the most and best of now. I hope you too continue on your life’s journey in sunlight and grace.

    Blessings, Gerry

    1. Blessing to you Gerry. Booking my flight to Victoria was thwarted yesterday when I discovered I have to apply for visa. I will lift up those heavy boots, one step after the other towards booking my flight, flying, landing. And hopefully spending a bit of time with you again. You are my writing angel, wise and benevolent, encouraging and qualified to be all of those. Sorry about the stressful period. Lets journey on, head held as high as it will.

      Now, to return to that visa application.

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