The Lakes – Atmospheric and Without Rival

Windermere in calm grey beauty. Ah silence!
Windermere in calm grey beauty. Ah silence!

Only when
standing there
will the silence
come upon you.

Dock posts by Windermere.
Dock posts by Windermere.

yesterdays grey
Lake Windermere

Castlerigg Stone Circle near Keswick. Cumbria, UK
Castlerigg Stone Circle near Keswick. Cumbria, UK

Come here
dawn or
be still.

I’ve had a couple visiting from Sussex these past days. Yesterday we drove through the center of the Lake District from Kendal up past Lake Windermere to Ambleside (stopping for tea) and then onwards in the gathering gloom to Castlerigg Stone Circle. On a plateau above Keswick with long views in every direction, this has to be the most spectacular setting of any stone circle in Britain. It wasn’t the moment to be there unfortunately however it is a must visit place and dawn would be my preferred time t and dusk is good too. Reminder to self: never again take the single track road off the main north/south A519. It’s called Castle Lane. It might be a short cut but meeting another car head on, as we did, is no fun!

I’d be able to wax on about the Lake District for pages and pages, it was my first love from age 13 when up from the Sussex coast on a school trip. There are so many brilliant sites with fantastic photographs of this area. My snaps give a taste. To know the place you have to go eat it! Breath it. Walk it. And above all, respect it.

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