The Middle Way is Not Straight

Green is bursting out all over the place. This lane is in the Black Forest Germany where I’ve been spending some time.

Meanwhile, in the Southern Lake District, there has been a whole lot of ‘greening’ going on too. Lakeland Fells are on the horizon.

From my vantage point a small gathering of young deer lurk behind me. The sheep persistent in her presence.

Artful Nature

Then there is nature up close. This dandelion caught my eye,  extending one of it’s fluffy seed heads into a notch at the end of a rural bench.

As you will observe from these photographs the sun has been shining, the weather has been great. So much so one wonders if is will stay this way for ever. Well, nothing lasts for ever and rain today is in the forecast. There is the weather outside and there is the ‘weather’ inside.

This post is for those whose internal weather is testing them mentally/physically and in all ways. We call that having health ‘challenges’. Challenge covers a whole spectrum of pain, discomfort and worry. The question is, how does one meet the challenge. Practically speaking, how does one tread the middle path? That’s between: having ‘further tests’, ‘living with’ what one has, escaping. From my own experience the middle path includes all three: tests, living with (acceptance) and finding ways to escape if for a brief time. Oh yes, and medication.

In particular this is for three people I know who have had, or about to have, further tests or in one case a medical procedure.

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2 thoughts on “The Middle Way is Not Straight”

  1. Dear Mugo,
    Thank you for this post. It is most relevant to my own situation at present being four weeks into recovering from an total knee replacement operation. I know I am not alone in post-op recovery and there are many out there who will also be coming to terms,physically and emotionally,with bits removed/replaced. I remain grateful that this surgery is available.
    Thank you for your continuing photographs of the Lake District,an area that brought me much joy over the years.
    I hope that you are well.
    In gassho,

    1. Dear Ian, Good to know you are there following along. I hear knee replacements are rather painful but probably nothing compared with the pain before surgery. Yes, there is much to be grateful for in terms of medical interventions. And then their is our part in the process. The ‘healing on the ever deepening levels there are.

      Glad you like the lakes photographs. I’ll have to get up into the fells again when the children are back in school…

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