The Other Sock!

How good is it, to finally find the other sock! Somehow, all at once, all is well. This morning as I, once again, peered into the murk that is the narrow space between bed and wall, my missing bed sock. So very dear to me. Knitted by a fellow monk, she is adept and generous. My mental world brightened, hope restored that once lost, missing socks (and gloves,) will eventually be found.

Socks and gloves, feet and hands. They come in pairs, they work in pairs, when in action be that walking or climbing up a ladder. Scrambling on the high fells and sitting down for lunch there they are, working as a coordinated team. Teamwork every hour of the day.

Lots to be glad and grateful for. Now to the kitchen, to keep in mind – the team in action! Along with the team that is our brain. More on this another time.

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3 thoughts on “The Other Sock!”

  1. All the colours of the Rainbow in that (wind)sock and ’twas a labour of love, most definitely, knitting with so many different wools?

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