The Way – Going Nowhere In Particular

Richmond Park. London, Tuesday. A hidden gate leading to nowhere in particular. A hidden gem of an iron gate with remarkable detailing. And the park itself. Hardly hidden yet remarkable. A gem of an open rural playground. For all.

Today marks the end of nearly three weeks away from home base. The way has been varied, from Welsh hills to Derbyshire Dales. Rural to urban to plain old motorways. All to the accompaniment of…? Hard to express yet ever-present. I guess it’s the music of The Way. Background music. And I’m not talking about the racket of the exhaust pipe vibrating against the body of the car I’ve been driving!

Note added 19th August.
For those who wonder/worry. The cause of the noise was an easy fix. just a bolt on exhaust pipe heat shield sheared off. What a clatter! Friendly local garage fixed it for free.

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3 thoughts on “The Way – Going Nowhere In Particular”

  1. The “music” of the Way. I like that. The common thread that runs through everything; it cannot be seen or grasped yet always there. Sometimes we have an awareness of it and sometimes not.
    Thank you for this.


  2. Hi,

    You found a gateless gate, wonderful. I have often wondered: when you pass through it, are you going or coming? Just a thought. Be well, Gerry.

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