Thoughts On Silence

There is a silence
which precedes speech,
there is a silence which
is instead of speech.

Quoted from a novel, read by a reader. Thanks for passing it on.

Looking at the quote now I would say that there is a silence within speech. And that silence isn’t an absence of sound perhaps more a fullness of sound. A full emptiness? Perhaps.

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4 thoughts on “Thoughts On Silence”

  1. They say it is the silence between the notes that gives music it’s meaning.

    I hope you are well and that silence is forming the melody of your day in unique ways!

    Many bows,

  2. Yes indeed. I have not had that much to do with music but I understand what you are saying. As for the melody of my day! It is fairly tuneful…

  3. “Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn whatever state I am in, therein to be content.” Helen Keller

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