Thundering Silence


It’s not that my tinitus let’s up, or the cars on the road or the sound of the fridge, thoughts or the sensation of cold feet. Far from it. Just sometimes when the imperative to get going, move on, act, take action gives a way to a simpler moment. A few moments. Time and it’s passing fades, ceases it’s relentless clamour.

Before my eyes – as if a photograph. Knowing all the while lurks the imperitive, the call to action. Knowing some how, all the while, the content of the photograph/life/living it is insubstantial. Ephemeral. So what is the ground of movement in the moment of writing, walking, saving the world, relieving suffering? Preparing lunch?

The ground? Thundering Silence – in the midst of saying no to holding on – to ANY (separate) thing. We could call that non thinginess. In Buddhism we have a word for that. Sunyata.

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