Time for Relaxation.

As well as taking some time to relax after the intensive traveling I have also been attempting to sort out photos of temples and their significants, or special place, in our ancestry. I’ve made some progress and hopefully there will be a lot more pictures published before we leave for China on May 6th. I can hardly say ‘leave for China’ without a slight sense of disbelief creeping into my mind.
There has been lots of activity which I’d love to write about, notably a wonderful visit in Tokyo last evening, however now it’s 1.05 am and I’d better go to bed.

I have published the photo below for no good reason except that I like it. The concept of people bringing their own seating arrangements to wait for a bus and then leaving for others is an interesting one.

Iain and three chairs waiting at the bus stop near the hostel in Kyoto.

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4 thoughts on “Time for Relaxation.”

  1. Well, it certainly seems that some rest and relaxation is in order! I noticed on your schedule that the departure for China is coming up fast. So, I wish you safe travels during the remaining time in Japan and in China.

    Be well.

    In Gassho, Jim

  2. Dear Rev. Master Mugo;
    Rev. Master Koten was by last pm and I showed him your blog which he seemed to enjoy very much. If only I could remember all his comments about the various places you have been and the photos you posted! Please take good care, and we will be glad to show you our new priory when we next see you in Vancouver.
    In gassho;

  3. Well I shall try again, I was all ready to publish and tried to get a better look at my photo and lost the lot. Mind you it is possible that you will get both versions.
    Looking at the photo Iain is wearing clothes for a damp but fairly warm day. It still feels like winter here if it rains. Hope the chairs did not come to too much harm from the weather.
    There does seem to be a lot of care for the environment and consideration for each other, is this due to the people being naturally caring or are there penalties for making a mess. I imagine perhaps a bit of both. We have penaties here and nobody seems to take much notice judging by the ammount of litter around.
    I am glad you managed to get some rest and relaxation and that it was fun that kept you up until after midnight.
    Love Kate

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