Todaiji – Children, Tour Groups.

Here are a few photos that show the part of temple visiting which, I must say, I enjoy. The children are obviously curious about me and given half a chance they start to ask questions and we get into conversations, all be it simple ones.

We visited Todaiji on a Saturday, the children were in their uniforms non the less. The park around Todaiji is famous for its tame, cheeky, deer. School children often wear their uniforms outside of school time, girls wear a variety of sailor suit uniforms and boys uniforms are modeled on Prussian Army uniforms. There is an explanation….

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2 thoughts on “Todaiji – Children, Tour Groups.”

  1. More brilliant photos, thank you. This looks and sounds like fun. I guess someone is kept busy sweeping up after the deer.

  2. The Wesak Day went well at Throssel. The weather was very uncertain at the beginning but improved as the day wore on. Some of the blossom is out in the grounds.
    There was a sizeable congregation at the ceremony led by Rev. Master Daishin.
    We all had a good day.
    I trust all continues to go well for you on your pilgrimage.
    With bows and gassho,

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