Tour of Buddha Relics

You might want to read this news item about the world tour of some relics of the Buddha.

When I was in Taiwan in May a world tour of Buddha’s relics had recently been there. They had been successively enshrined in a number of temples during the celebrations called Wesak. (This marks the start of the Buddhist new year during which the Buddha’s Birth is celebrated). By all accounts this was a huge event with thousands of people walking past and paying their respects.

In July, back in the UK, I was taken to see some Relics in a temple in Birmingham. In a posting on July 15th I ponder on the issue of authenticity of such relics. Like the ones in the news item these were quite low key in their public presence yet non the less ‘present’ in an intangible sense.

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2 thoughts on “Tour of Buddha Relics”

  1. We saw them in London in a really colourful Pureland Temple. It was such a cheerful temple, bright pink and green things everywhere, and a fabulous garden out back with glorious white marble (?) statues. I went in cynical, but got totally overwhelmed by something, a big something too. I felt like I was taking every suffering being in with me, and I wanted us all to come out not suffering. So, I wasn’t really too bothered about what it was, as I need all the kicks up the behind I get with practice lol. The people in the temple were amazing, really amazing. Afterwards we sat in the garden eating large portions of food thoughtfully provided, – I needed the gut level grounding, and we were both very hungry. Ian spilt some on himself, and the garden erupted with laughter and people running for paper towels! It was rather lovely and a very good moment to be there.

  2. Hah! Another Blogger. I am glad you said what you said above. And I hope you find the time to ponder into your computer for others to ponder along with you.

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