Tribute – Haiku

Here is a tribute by Fred to a friend and sangha member, who died recently.

“Reading Rev Master Daishin’s ‘Loneliness’ article put me in mind of my friend, Stuart Quine, who died of the Coronavirus on the 24th of March. He had a lifelong progressive underlying condition and when he caught the virus passed away within four days. I last visited him on the 1st of March and was struck by the unemotional way he spoke with quiet conviction about having no fear of death.
On a haiku weekend some years ago Stuart presented a potential first-line and invited others to make a verse of it. This came to me a couple of weeks ago…”

towards evening
a blackbird on a chimney pot
sings away the day

In gassho,

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3 thoughts on “Tribute – Haiku”

  1. Dear Rev Mugo,
    Thank you 🙏 very much for your inspiring Jade Mountains posts. Every time I read them I feel immediately connected to Throssel Abbey and the Monks and lay trainees who reside there. The numerous on-line postings by Throssel Hole Abbey of Audio and Video recordings, newsletters, etc by Rev Master Leandra and the community of monks continue to be a lifeline in my Buddhist practice.
    I was particularly sad to read in a recent posting of the death of Stuart Quine, a Sangha member who helped in the formation of the Manchester group many years ago and a person for whom I had a lot of respect. I would greatly appreciate it if you know of any of his nearest relatives as I would like to express my
    condolences to them.
    please could you give my best wishes, to Rev Master Leandra and the community,

    with bows,


    1. Thanks Harry, glad you are getting good stuff out of the Throssel blog and this one too. I don’t have any details of Stuart’s relatives, sorry. Didn’t realize he had been part of the Manchester group formation, he got around didn’t he. When I next get a hanch I will pass on your best to the community and Rev. Master Leandra.

    2. Hi Harry,

      I never met Stuart unfortunately but his mother was my father’s sister Dot.

      I only found out yesterday that he had passed away when my cousin Jackie from Runcorn messaged me. He was certainly a very interesting man!


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