The Tyranny Of Numbers – Counting Sheep!

Tyranny is a strong word to use here. However it speaks of the strength and pull that numbers can have in our minds, towards the positive or towards the negative. Numbers, numbers and more numbers are quoted on the news and elsewhere. Constantly. But what do they actually MEAN. Just the sum of something or other. I’ll leave it there though, I’d not want to get into a whole debate about numbers. We need them. They most likely are useful. And I’ll not be getting overly up or down about the numbers we are exposed to.

I was given a postcard the other day of this old sign which lists the words used by sheep farmers to count their sheep. The counting goes up to ten however, apparently, the counting went on indefinitely to account for fields full of them woolly beasts! I’ll maybe ask a farmer what he uses, what language he uses, to count his sheep now.

Counting Sheep

This post has given me the opportunity to link to this delightful animated video. Several readers will appreciate the banjo playing characters are dressed head to toe in “knits”! All together now, One! Two! Three!

And you might want to watch the English Version which speaks of our knitted friends mission…. With a hat tip to Mailchimp the free Newsletter distributing service we ( are using who directing me over to these vids.

Thanks to all of you who have signed up for the Field of Merit Newsletter, who have left comments and sent emails via the contact form. Yes, I have been watching the number of subscribers rise and rise. Numbers do, of course, mean something. They mean a lot in terms of being supported in our, how do we put it, “inspirational” project!

So sorry for not posting so regularly. Perhaps you can appreciate why that has been the case.

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