Validation and Self Confidence

The ultimate aim of the poet should be to touch our hearts by showing their own, and not to exhibit their learning, or fine taste, or skill in mimicking the notes of their predecessors.

Leslie Stephen Father of Virginia Woolf

what is it
who is it
that write it down?

the heart
the ‘spirit’

what of

no explanation
will ever be enough

Note: I have been away; from writing here, and away from Throssel too. Contemplating all the while all that manifests within and behind ‘validation’ (and the seeming lack of it). And then following on, the matter of ‘self-confidence’ (and the seeming lack of it). Sometimes confidence can drop through the floor when ‘self’ becomes thin (or simply tired out)!

So, I am taking my own words, above, to heart. I’ll JUST WRITE. And allow the ‘heart’ of the universe, to take care of the rest.

Merit for all those who find themselves in extremity where all seems lost, lost sight of. A time to JUST SIT. Allow the ‘universe without edges’ to manifest in your being. The ‘ever present’ is ever present.

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18 thoughts on “Validation and Self Confidence”

  1. Can identify with what you are saying. As usual I find what you say helpful and love your honesty and openness. I’m always intrigued to see what you’ll write next. You are so creative and flowing. Thank you. Glad you are brave enough to keep doing it.
    Myra 🙏🏽

    1. Dear Myra, So good to have this message and the feedback. It does help actually. I’ve a lovely blog and video to link to tomorrow which has a local hero of mine…you will see why. Nothing to do with her coloured hair, by the way!

      Not so sure of the ‘brave’ though.

  2. Writing, and “putting it out there”, is a tricky thing. When I write something for Dew on the Grass, there is always a feeling of static electricity, once I press the “publish” button, that is a sort of worry about whether it is OK – will those who read it think that I’m completely mad? I almost prefer it when I get no comments or ‘likes’ because then I have the thought, ‘No one’s read it – that’s good!’. Sometimes what I write is like a very difficult birth, with lots of complications, it comes painfully to the page. At other times, I have absolutely no say in the matter – it’s as if someone else does the writing and when I read it back, it is like reading it for the first time. This is the “I’ll JUST WRITE. And allow the ‘heart’ of the universe take care of the rest” method. Both seem to work! You once reminded me that, sometimes, what seems like a lack of self-confidence is actually humility. You may not remember that but I do. It was very helpful to me. I read everything that you write and appreciate it always. It is an example of selflessness and I am often left in awe of it. I don’t always comment because what you write seems complete and doesn’t need anything added but I ALWAYS read it, maybe I should comment more often. Thank you for Jade Mountains and for always “being there”, even when you are “away” – if you get my meaning _/\_

    1. I don’t remember saying that to you, however I’d stand by it now. I love what you have written in this comment. Yes, sometimes things write themselves and other times it’s a ‘difficult birth’ with complications. I know those and sometimes I just don’t publish, or sleep on it and maybe publish after a major edit. But if there is a lot of pondering and back on forth on shall I shan’t, I publish, I take that as a sign. A sign to just drop it.
      I am touched that you read what I write. Really. Thank you for being there all these years and especially for what you said to me in a kindly way as we walked down Glastonbury Tor back in the early 1990’s. It was the Readiing Buddhist Priory first and only camping trip. You will remember it. I’ve thanked you enough times so you will probably remember better than I do. You said that after Rev. Master Jiyu dies, her disciples will…..and I can’t remember your words but to the effect that her teaching will not die. And we will be fine.

  3. Thank you for those thoughts. It was absolutely grand to be with you last week. The dress is a definite hit, with Jane saying I looked smart. I feel good in it. Thank you so much. :) xxx

    1. Just so readers know, it is rare for me to have a dress, let alone one to give away. I did, and I have, and I’m glad that dear Stephanie looks smart. According to Jane – send a photograph please.

  4. This brings up my cleaning lady, from Ukraine, husband at the Front. She is amazingly holding steady, and working hard.
    To be emulated.
    Thanks always for the blogs and comments.

  5. Great to read your uplifting words.
    See you soon , may your energy spread around us all .
    See you soon

  6. Thank you so much for your wise words. It was lovely to see you ‘at’ the Berkeley Priory for Diana’s Lay Minister ceremony. And thank you for your earlier message to me which I impolitely did not answer (but meant to). I have fond memories of training with you at the Abbey, especially driving you and Rev. Master Meian to Redding for a medical appointment, and the conversation on the trip. Please take good care of yourself.—In Gasshō, Gyojin P. S. This may be too public a setting for this note for which I apologize. You’re welcome to move or delete it from here.

    1. Gyojin. Love to hear from you. Your presence in my novice years at Shasta are clear in my mind. Essentially, when you and the family came for a Festival Ceremony on a Sunday. Watching the children growing up, Chris receiving the Precepts when Rev. Master said doing Jukai was a kind of ‘graduation’ (from his parents was it?). I hope all have grown and thrived, you always thrived in my eyes, now I picture you.

  7. I don’t write much but I guess the finding the humility and courage to “allow the heart of the universe to take care of the rest” applies to pretty much everything. Thank you for this post.

    1. Yes indeed Nic. You got it. Somewhere in the commentary to the Precepts (I think it is there) it is said ‘the Buddha Lacks for nothing but needs something’, I take the something to be our best efforts. Within the Precepts.

      One day I will learn to write down my thoughts on possible future posts. Just did that. And anybody can let me know of subjects to write about. Please.

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