Whats in a Name? Lots!

elephant-2Samantabhadra rides an elephant, symbol of steadfastness.  Gently going on, humble, patient, strong.

The Buddha gave teaching…..

There were great enlightening beings, numerous as the atoms in ten buddha-worlds surrounding him. Their names were: Universally Good (Samantabhadra). Light of the Supreme Lamp of Universal Virtue, Lion Banner of Universal Light, Subtle Light of Flames of Universal Jewels, Banner of Oceans of Qualities of Universal Sounds, Realm of Enlightenment of Radiance of Universal Knowledge, Banner of flowers of Topknot of Universal Jewels, Pleasing Voice of Universal Awareness, Light, Great Brilliance of the Light of the Moon Reflected in the Ocean, Undefiled Treasure of Light of Oceans of Cloud-like Sounds, Born of Wisdom and Adorned with Virtue, Great Light of Sovereign Virtue, Brave Lotus Topknot, Sun Banner of Clouds of Universal Knowledge, Greatly Persevering with Indestructible Courage, Light Banner of Fragrant Flames, Deep Beautiful Sound of Great Enlightened Virtue, Born of Wisdom with the Light of Great Virtue. These and other were the leaders–there were as many as there are atoms in ten buddha-worlds.
pps56 -57 Flower Ornament Sutra

With the ordinary everyday mind all these names are just pretty words strung together. Later and with some familiarity and having read the above (several times and slowly) and typed it too, something has changed. Perhaps it is my cynical mind or discriminating mind that has just thrown its hands up in the air and that’s the end of it. The closest I can come to appreciating what letting go – is!

From the comments, it would seem these snippets from the Sutra are appreciated. My hope is that the habit of skimming through text, has become and will continue to be, a habit of the past. Behind Jade Mountains and within Jade Mountains sit the Buddhas benevolent presence. Made so by those who read.

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2 thoughts on “Whats in a Name? Lots!”

  1. Thank you so much for guiding us through the scripture. A long time ago, I tried to read it and quickly gave up. Now I am sensing what it may need, imbibing the words?

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