Walking By the Bay – China Camp Historic Area – San Rafael

Out walking…
saw this little creature – a lizard of sorts?
thankfully there was shade from the burning heat…
and restrooms , classic hut style too…

Phew, what a scorcher! At 5.30 pm in Berkeley it was registering 90 f. Earlier in the day the prior at Berkeley Buddhist Priory and I took a hike in a state park called China Camp at Point San Pedro, Marin County. Hard to believe this area, now deserted save for the mountain bikers, wild turkeys, critters and us, was once home to upwards of 500 souls. They were fisherman from China. Their catch, shrimp, was processed on site and…sent to China! Apparently the people of the Bay Area, at the time, didn’t eat shrimp. Of course all that changed, and so did the fortunes of the fishermen…unfortunately.

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With aid of Google Earth you can, hopefully, see why where I am is called the Bay Area.

While here I’ve been walking, sleeping, eating and working. As well as sitting and yesterday, celebrating Dogen Day. We recited Rules For Meditation.

For those who concern themselves about my well being, I’m well. Thanks.

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