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This post is less about cats, although Simon’s Cat is super cute and worth watching, and more about…linking.

We all know some of the amazing coincidences that happen on the Internet. A random click here a comment there and before you know it you are discovering new and interesting things, finding or re-finding Internet friends and before long a blog post is forming out of the murk. Simon’s Cat, who Julie introduced to me months ago, came by accident this morning. This video made my smile and made a fellow monastic laugh out loud. Good for both of us on this fogged in East Bay morning.

But there is a downside of course. It’s all too easy to get sucked into the www and spend over long there. An opportunity to exercise the STOP reflex, no? Stop really does mean stop. All the same, wise use can be rewarding, instructive and at times uplifting. So, sticking with the linking theme. Yesterday was it, I linked to Reading Priory News about Renewal, Kevin in the Shetland Isles linked to my link and was stimulated to pondered on his blog, and it’s evolution. And then Robbie a Shetlander, now living over in Norway left a comment which reminded me of a photo Kevin pointed out to me, months ago, of a hut – in Norway – first posted on Robbie’s site. Here it is:

Yes OK, I love huts and this one takes my particular fancy. Location great, trees a charming extra!

Really no big deal about this linking up business. And what happens on this far flung edge of the internet is small fry in comparison with when something goes viral, as the saying goes. That’s when some piece of news, or whatever, takes off and gets linked to and talked about all over the world. This is the world of the village chat, gone mad.

This is for Julie…who reminds me that villages can be, and in my experience, most often are, caring places.

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  1. and as an after thought. Rev. Alicia mentioned that she had read an article I wrote for the Shasta Abbey Journal in the 1980’s titled Renewal.

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