Walking in the Forest

A few days ago a long walk high up above the valley. Enjoying striding out so much I walked right past the turning to the temple!

A moment of inattention and the consequences can be serious and far-reaching. In this case, not so serious.

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3 thoughts on “Walking in the Forest”

  1. I can imagine walking there. Good pics! Glad you’re getting some nice walking in. Yes, a moments inattention and you can miss such a lot.
    One day when I was walking out to the car going to work, head down, probably already thinking about work, I put the key in the car door and something made me look sideways and up the hill, where the most stunning, breathtaking sky was.
    A moment of grace. 🙏🏽

  2. So glad you didn’t get lost! Something like that happened to me in a park in Southern Chile. Luckily, or something, the guides drove by at the moment we were setting out down the wrong trail!
    Thank you for your posts.

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