Wesak Greetings – Buddhist New Year BE 2563

Here a photograph of the baby Buddha being bathed with water from a fountain.

and here is this years Wesak card which has been widely circulated already but no harm in circulating it a bit more by publishing it here.

Original artwork by a monk resident at Throssel.

Ah! A festive lunch soon. Rhubarb Crumble I’ve heard. Enjoy your day(s) and watch out for the audio/video of Rev. Master Berwyn giving a Dharma Talk. That will be posted on Monday sometime on the Throssel Blog.

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2 thoughts on “Wesak Greetings – Buddhist New Year BE 2563”

  1. Thank you for these, Rev Mugo. They are beautiful. Happy Wesak, and enjoy the rhubarb crumble!

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