Understanding Gratitude

Here is a link to a post on the Throssel blog, published today titled Gratitude – Loud and Ordinary. The following is from the Shushogi, ‘what is truly meant by training and enlightenment’. This is from chapter five. Many of you will be familiar with this text but thought it worth putting up the whole section rather than just a few lines which you will find in the post on the Throssel blog.

Putting the Teachings into Practice and Showing Gratitude.
The Buddha Nature should be thus simply awakened in all living things within this world for their desire to be born here in has been fulfilled: as this is so, why should they not be grateful to Shakyamuni Buddha? If the Truth had not spread throughout the entire world it would have been impossible for us to have found it, even should we have been willing to give our very lives for it: we should think deeply upon this: how fortunate have we been to be born now when it is possible to see the Truth. Remember the Buddha’s words, “When you meet a ZenMaster who teaches the Truth do not consider his caste, his appearance, shortcomings or behaviour. Bow before him out of respect for his great wisdom and do nothing whatsoever to worry him.”Because of consideration for others on the part of the buddhas and Ancestors, we are enabled to see the Buddhaeven now and hear His teachings: had the Buddhas and ancestors not truly Transmitted the Truth it could never have been heard at this particular time: even only so much as a short phrase or section of the teaching should be deeply appreciated. What alternative have we but to be utterly grateful for the great compassion exhibited in this highest of all teachings which is the very eye and treasury of the truth? The sick sparrow never forgot the kindness shown to it, rewarding it with the ring belonging to the three great ministers, and the unfortunate tortoise remembered too, showing its gratitude with the seal of Yofu: if animals can show gratitude surely man can do the same?

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One thought on “Understanding Gratitude”

  1. The world needs to show more gratitude to one another. At his moment we all have to face unsure times.
    One must show gratitude, be zen

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