Manifesting Buddha – Dharma Talk Audio

Happy Buddhas Birthday. On the Throssel Website you can find a talk I gave last Sunday following a ceremony to celebrate the start of a new Buddhist year.

I’m shocked to see it has been so long since I last did a post here. What happened? Life happened! Leaving me with little mind space for thinking about writing. Sorry folks.

Hat tip to the Reverend who took the photograph.

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4 thoughts on “Manifesting Buddha – Dharma Talk Audio”

    1. Dear Eric, I have been thinking of you and this is good to hear that the operation was a success. Glad you saw this post and will be able to listen to the audio. I’m slightly proud to have held a thread all the way through the talk!

      1. Just finished listening and found it spot on. Like your story about pouring the _____ milk at the end. Gratitude, gratitude and gratitude was what I felt in hospital (until the night when I couldn’t sleep then I bagan to criticise! – the see saw of emotions and thoughts?)

        1. That might be the most remembered part of the talk! Yes, emotions and thoughts. Back and forth and in there is the gratitude, ever present.

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