Workplace Collective Meditation

…there are signs that in some significant ways, General Mills has a distinctly unusual corporate culture. Open the right door on a Tuesday morning and you might find a few dozen team leaders and executives meditating silently together on cushions, steeling their minds for the work week ahead. Enter a conference room later that afternoon and witness more than 50 senior employees from across the organisation standing on one leg in the tree pose as they practise yoga. Note that in every building on the General Mills campus there is a meditation room, equipped with a few zafus – or cushions for sitting practice – and yoga mats where, day after day, employees duck in to grab a few minutes of equanimity in between their meetings. These are the most obvious signs that, as an organisation, General Mills has something resembling a collective spiritual life.

FT Magazine.

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2 thoughts on “Workplace Collective Meditation”

  1. This is definitely good news. I know of a few schools, including my own (in the midst of curricular change, highly charged places), where this kind of thing is taking place, or in nascent phases. Long may it continue! It was wonderful to meet you in person last Sunday. Gassho, Nick (an anonymous follower… or rather, one who checks in from time to time… May the sheep’s path to the North be widened with use–I’m sure we would all love to see more of you up here).

  2. Good to meet you too. I’ve had a good visit in Scotland. The sun has been out most of the time and can’t remember getting wet once. Let alone bitten by bugs. All good news and encouraging of my return.

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