Whisky Keg Mountains

Yesterday traveling south from Inverness to Aberdeen along country roads.
Turned a corner and come upon these mountains of kegs in a Cooper’s yard. Bound no doubt for one of the many whisky distilleries along the river Spay.

Wendy Hut

Today visiting and walking and talking and eating with sangha members. Turned a corner in a garden and came upon this Wendy House. A dream children’s house. A Wendy Hut! Grandad planted geraniums and painted it red.

Drawing together these two images is a thread of skill and craftsmanship. There is almost a sense of romance around the ancient hand trades. Such as Cooperage, dry stone walling and the like. And in the painting of the Wendy House and the tended vegetable plot is demonstrated equally an ancient skill and craftsmanship. Though not recognized as a trade. Grand-parentage!

This is in gratitude for those I have spent time with these past two days. I bow to what you all have done, are doing and will no doubt continue to do. Getting on and caring. Sacrificing retirement years, health and more. No romance, lots of love and devotion. Satisfaction, little recognition.

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