Autumn In The Air

An evening walk on the beach at Portobello, near Edinburgh.
Earlier, swans…!

Six weeks-on-the-road. Three nights here, two there. A week and then move on, again. I am very fortunate indeed to be able to move around like I have these past weeks, meet so many interesting people, enjoy hospitality and sit and meditate together. It’s time to stop and settle in one place to greet Autumn and then Winter. I welcome the turning of the season.

New post on Field of Merit. Sands of the Ganges.

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2 thoughts on “Autumn In The Air”

  1. Hi Angie,
    I’ll be the same place I was last seasons. And lovin’ it too. Should be there and settled by late September. In the mean time a breaf break at Throssel and then…deep breath…there might be another trip. South this time.

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