Worlds Apart – Same Heart

First the lateral flow test,
Register result on NHS
website – negative!

Text message, proof!
Drive to care home.
Sanitise – tog up
Face mask, gloves, apron.

The locked door opened, smiling face
Proof? We trust people here.
Wide-open arms, distanced,
Then, not quite so distant…

Chat, chat, chat
Laugh, laugh, laugh
Tea and biscuits
Slurp, slurp, slurp.

Wide-open arms
No distance to speak of.
Wheel to exit
De tog.

Into the larger world
tore myself away.
It’s hard to leave
Muttering to myself.

Back in time for the evening meal at the monastery.
Different worlds,
worlds apart.
Same heart.

Remembering Norman who died this day one year ago.

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