Writing Our Lives

Field barn door.
Field barn door.

I treated myself to egg, chips and beans the other lunchtime at a local cafe. Not something I do that often. The owner of the cafe handed me, an irregular customer, a next years diary. She’d given me a 2012 but I’d missed out on the 2013 unfortunately. Touched by her kindness I took her a pink geranium today, it had her name on it.

Here’s a quote from my 2012 cafe diary, chosen at random.

A peacefulness
follows any decision,
even the
wrong one.
Rita Mae Brown

Yes there is a peace which comes from taking a step and quite often it’s only later one knows if the decision was right or wrong. And sometimes what seems wrong at the time ends up right in the end and vice versa. Life is full of twists and turns and one rarely sees them coming! You could say we write our lives straight with crooked lines.

The photograph has nothing to do with this post. I was just transfixed by the nibbled door!

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2 thoughts on “Writing Our Lives”

  1. I see a lot in that picture to mirror the post. I Notice; the small amount the lintel overlaps the opening – I’d have doubted its security, yet look how long it has sustained, the way the door is decaying over what looks like a long time, the drop in the frame… The ‘life of this building’ well passed its heyday it now slowly slips back to earth. Yet someone keeps the door chained closed. How many twists and turns have taken place in the lives of the people associated with the use of that structure? And who knows what will be the future for this structure and the land it stands on? Many stories all writing straight with their twists and turns.

    1. There is something about old and decaying structures isn’t there. As there is with beings too. I’ll have to get out into the afternoon sunshine and commune with what comes. Thank you for what you have written. Poetic.

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