Bodhi Leaf Pins and Pendents


For years the Abbey ran a mail order business selling Buddhist Supplies. Guests and monks laboured long and hard stuffing meditation cushions during working meditation periods. Cushions, as well as benches and mats, were then sold both in the Gift Shop on site and via mail order. Oh, and when the China Order arrived it was all hands on deck helping to check through the boxes lining the cloister to make sure the goods had survived the journey. Sometimes statues came broken and were sold as seconds in the Gift Shop. The shop remains, however the mail order business ceased several years ago.

As I understand it these Bodhi Leaf Pendents were designed by us then manufactured in the east. I’ve always liked them a lot and since I’d some Dana looking to be circulated I bought a quantity at the Gift Shop today. Now I’ve something to give regular readers I bump into in person, or hear from via email and comments.

If you are a silent reader, let me know. Your invisible presence is appreciated, welcomed and received with gratitude. As is the presence of those I know about.

On Whose Wings Do You Fly?

No bird soars too high
If it soars with it’s
Own wings.
William Blake

This is a more subtle task than one might at first imagine.

R.I.P. Chester

Chester died at 3.00 am Pacific Time. The vet said the underlying cause of death was a slow growing brain tumor.

Abba and her person, a regular blog reader, came to the service and sat in the front row. Abba is fast finding a ‘dog of the blog’ spot.

This morning there was a funeral for Chester to which local congregation and their dogs were invited as well as monks and their dog friends. All went smoothly, no doggy upsets, and Chester now rests in the animal cemetery.

At the end of the burial the monk who has looked after Chester for so many years spoke of how many people loved this dog and he had shown love to many. The lesson we need to learn from Chester, he said, is to love as he did. By that I took him to mean to love unconditionally.

Animal Rescue – Animal Friends

I met a woman today who said, People give up too soon. She was talking about animal adoption and she would know being completely devoted to ‘placing’ animals. There is always somebody somewhere, she said. This is a woman who certainly doesn’t give up, and encourages others not to do that either.

The monastery has had it’s share of animals turning up looking for a home. Chester came eleven years ago, a beautiful dog, he was found wandering along the fence which bounds the property on the freeway side. There’s a lot of spaniel but there’s a lot of other in there too. What ever the mix it makes for a most beautiful long lustrous coat. I’ve always been a devoted fan.

I’m thinking of Chester this evening. He’s in the animal hospital, with his carer, suffering from heat stroke. Have a thought for him, and his person too. Our animals are close family and no mistake.

See Foundling for photos.


Jim, loyal blog reader, with Nancy his wife and Mugo.

We all look tired after the five day retreat, yet renewed within. As too my camera which has been mended.