Everyone Was Looking Up…

People started gathering at the Lighthouse Missionary Baptist Church in south western Kentucky before sunrise. It was the first Friday in December, 23 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 5 Celsius) at dawn and nearly windless. Everyone was looking up.

Want to know what this is all about?

The Wood Buffalo National Park Alberta Canada, is immediately north of the oil sands mining operation referred to in this posting yesterday. This park is the only known nesting site of the whooping crane, bless ’em. It’s pure coincidence that these two stories, decimation of the land and saving a species through human intervention, follow on one another here.

Thanks to Jack for sending the link to the article. As he said in his email It is really a joy for me to see when we, as humans, are involved in helping our fellows on this planet. Especially after we have done some unwise things that have caused problems.

OK everybody, Look Up!

A Moment of Silence….

Hungry rabbit teeth render many trees barkless and, eventually, dead.

We support tree life however sometimes it all gets a bit too much!

Michael (ace photographer) from near Edmonton, Alberta Canada left a comment to this posting. Spring (where is it) and lamantations on the sub-zero temperatures. It must be cold up at Fort McMurry the epicenter of the Athabasca Oil Sands mining operation. Read and weep!

Also see March 2009 National Geographic article, The Canadian Oil Boom, Scraping Bottom. Read and weep also.

Spare a thought.

Living For Trees

At the top of the Wrekin in Shropshire. My walking companions are in the foreground.

Last Saturday as we walked and as we talked the lifestyle of one of the woman gradually emerged. And since she and her partner have their own website I thought I’d just pass you over to their place to take a look at what they are doing at Karuna in Shropshire. Not so far from the Wrekin as the crow flaps. Karuna, Compassion, is an apt name in terms of their work with trees and the land generally.

The establishment of a mixed wooded holding, demonstrating Permaculture principals with opportunities for community involvement is a positive development for the area. It continues a long history of Forest gardening in south Shropshire, where Robert Harts inspirational garden is set.
A.Grundy, Heartwoods c/o Green Wood Centre, Telford.

From the Karuna Guest Book.

We support tree life here in Northumberland. It is however an uphill struggle against the forces of nature, and rabbits! Forest gardening, which sounds like a great ideal, is far from possible.

Spring Is Around The Bend

This is how it is up here in Northumberland, after the snow and before the grass greens. Grey sky, splashes of sun, dry stone walls mended with what’s to hand, bleak moorland. And yet….
….rounding the last bend for home, these snowdrops waving to me. What a joy to return, how grateful to be alive!

The Mind Is Like…..

The mind is like a parachute.
It only works when it’s open.

Heard on Quote Unquote, a BBC Radio 4 program.

Second line (s)lightly edited 25th February, 2009.