Meditation – No Guarantee Of Ethical Behaviour

Just came across this thought provoking post on Dangerous Harvest.

Thanks for linking to JM Nathen. I am back on-line again, on a borrowed computer. Having only a limited window of access is going to be a good thing I,m thinking.

Death Of…A Hard Drive

Oh well it happens some times. The hard drive of a computer fails, it no longer is able to function. It dies. And that is what has happened to the hard drive of the computer I am traveling with. So I most likely will not be able to post much, if at all, for the next two weeks.

I am past the mourning stage with all the aspects of disbelief, anger etc. No I have gone directly to acceptance. Extreme circumstances causes one to take a big leap. It just happens.

Lessons From The Death Zone

Here is a video of Philip Gould pondering his impending death. Notice the Buddha and several elephants on the mantelpiece.

Thanks to Angie for the link to this rather interesting interview. Philip Gould died in November last year.

Bike It You’ll Like It


Think of The Netherlands and think bicycles. The sit up and beg type, as we term them in the UK. Heavy, utilitarian and well…very upright. Nothing mountain bike about the Dutch bike! All ages are out spinning along and somehow I sense that the Dutch go into a different zone when they are peddling. Alert and fast while at the same time seemingly profoundly content. This evening a couple sped past side by side and close together, the chap had his hand on the girls waist. A variation on strolling hand in hand in the evening shadows. At speed.

While I am in The Netherlands for the next five days I’ll be watching out for bikes dressed up with flowers as you see above. The practice has become quite the thing I understand. And in an interesting switch of power on the roads, here it is the motorists who are nervous of the cyclist and not the other way around.

Bike it you’ll like it! A slogan from times past when we cyclists of Manchester took to the city streets on mass to lobby for more cycle lanes.

Outstanding Natural Beauty

Peat Bog – Northumberland

Walking in a
of outstanding
natural beauty.

That’s the
moors with
grouse honking.

Walking companion.
support and

Thanks for a great walk above Throssel on the wild moors. There is nowhere else like it. Seeing the Lakeland Fells, the Pennines, the Chiviot Hills from more or less the same place. Amazing!