Clear Seeing Eyes

Ushnishasitatapatral Bodhisattva who represents the canopy of white light that emanates from the Buddha’s head in the creation of the Surangama Mandala

The Buddha said to Ananda,
‘I will now raise for all of you
a Great Dharma-banner
so that all beings
in all directions
can gain access to
what is wondrous,
subtle and hidden –
the pure and luminous Mind
that understands –
and so that they can open
their clear seeing eyes.’

The Surangama Sutra

This is especially for those who care for their eyes and who aspire to the clear seeing eyes pointed to in this extract from the Surangama Sutra. As we know there is more to seeing than meets the physical eye!

And for those of you who find this kind of devotional thing a bit of a challenge. Don’t worry yourself. Open your heart and the light will come in. You might try adding that valuable little word intend to that last sentence. Intend to open your heart and the light will come in.

August Newsletter Field of Merit

We have just sent out the Field of Merit August Newsletter.

Shared Intention

Emerging from the forest – purple fields.

I have just spent a great few days in Nottingham visiting with a couple who are part of this vast network called the Buddhist sangha. On many levels we know each other connecting through interests in common and shared history. Yes, and shared sense of humour too. But talking this evening we touched on that more subtle level of interconnection. The spiritually level, the spiritual merit level if you like. There is nothing substantial that can be measured or easily talked about without massive leaps of faith being required.

then yellow and purple together.

My thought right now is that when two or more people come together with shared intention, to sit and meditate, to act in harmony with the Buddhist Precepts, to work or play together good flows and all benefit without discrimination. A good that is greater than the sum of the parts. I’d also say it is a power to a good which is beyond ideas of good and bad in the ordinary way we conceive of those words.

So I will leave it there for you to ponder on. And with thanks to my two wonderful hosts – we had some good walks and many good talks and we all moved together. Onwards. And for me onwards to west Wales – off grid. Posts will resume next Wednesday.

Dwelling On Huts

Huts in an orchard in Wales

How was the night in the hut? I was asked by PA in the comments to the last post. It was hut like I’d say. And as many readers know I tend to gravitate towards huts. Traditional huts. Wooden huts. Four walls and a roof huts. And preferably with a porch. But there are other types of dwellings suitable for secluding oneself with the intention of looking within. Contemplating.

This evening I was introduced to a completely new, to me, type of dwelling. The generic name being earth ships. At first glance they look good. Perhaps reminding me of happy hours as a youngster digging holes in the bottom of our garden. I’d cover them with tin and earth and then…sit in the dank darkness!

Advice For Teachers

The Ten Commandments that, as a teacher, I (Bertrand Russell) should wish to promulgate, might be set forth as follows:
See Brain Pickings for the list. Number one is:

Do not feel absolutely certain of anything.

I always enjoy catching up with Brain Pickings. There is always so much of interest and I especially like lists so these ten commandments by BR are rather special.

It is amazing how the days have sailed by. There have been hours of driving, a night in a hut in a garden in Wales, and this evening meeting a charming little boy of two. He has been saved the indignity of being talked to in baby talk resulting in a child who doesn’t baby talk. Happy and bright and smiling. A joy to be with. I hope his teachers of the future will take note of BR’s advice.