Sheep Benches -Sized For One


I learned today the merit of telling somebody in difficult and painful circumstances that all I could do was sit still. At the time of my response I felt at a bit of a loss as to what to say truthfully and for the best. That I was sitting still was _really_ all I could come up with. It turns out that hit the spot. Thankfully.

This post is for all those who find themselves in an unhappy and challenging place. Sometimes sitting still and simply that, is enough to do Great Good. That’s for oneself and for others. And getting up from the meditation bench, an alone place just for one, and walking into the next thing is quite often enough too. The way may not be clear however keeping ones feet moving is significant.

17th January. The last paragraph of this post has been removed because it might possibly have been misunderstood as my advocating passivity.

Meditation Mantra – #still4amo

Julius who sends in links quite regularly told me he is going to be on retreat for a month, starting 5.00 pm Sunday. That’s today. It’s not going to be an up-the-hill and off-grid kind of retreat. More carrying on daily life with work and the rest and at the same time injecting some serious intention to sit regularly, twice a day. When somebody does this I like to support them by adding more purposeful moments of sitting still in my day. Thus my still4amo mantra to remind me to – sit still for a moment! Literally. Want to join us?

I have my alarm set for 16.50 GMT to warn me to pull over if I am driving or simply find a place to sit. A bench in the street if necessary. I will then be sitting-for-a-mo at 5.00 GMT, one minute to be exact, in support of Julius’s efforts. Please join us and leave a comment if you plan to be still4amo. If 5.00 pm doesn’t work, choose another time. Commitment and intention go a long way, collective commitment and intention goes even further.

Morning frosts
by chilly river
…a bench.

It is thought to be helpful to meditate in the presence of others doing the same thing. If one can’t sit with a group then meditating at a time when others are meditating is a good idea. In the monastery here in Britain there is a meditation period at 8.10 pm for 40 mins. I know some people aim to sit formally at that time too.

Watch Moment Meditation for inspiration.

Far Too Much Fun!

A dull morning made brighter.
An afternoon…
seen greener,
and all together –

One Moment Meditation – Video

Gladly I bumped into this video with its charming line drawings and gentle and rather good instructions. It is a skillful teaching to do with understanding that meditation is every moment. The instruction given in the video is to start with a purposeful one minute of meditation. Through practicing that you get to know what moment-to-moment meditations is. It is an interesting approach to making this point.

Hat tip to Mia for linking to this video.

With A Sandwich In His Hand

The message? – Enjoy the simplicity in life.

See also on Impacted Nurse….always good to go to Australia from time to time to see what Ian is talking about. If you visit, be prepared to stay for a couple of hours…!