The onrush of Scenery-air

On the #555 Last Sunday. Lancaster to Keswick. Ride of a lifetime whatever the weather.
On the #555 Last Sunday. Lancaster to Keswick. Ride of a lifetime whatever the weather.

I felt my lungs inflate
with the onrush of scenery—air,
mountains, trees, people.
I thought,
“This is what it is to be happy.
Sylvia Plath

And tomorrow I’ll be taking in some scenery-air in the sunshine around and above Grassmere. In the mean time – and right now – it’s raining.

Credit where credit is due for the quote and many others with great photographs too. I’ll be going back there again.

Four Noble Truths – a Way to Practice – Video

An overview of the Four Noble Truths from the point of view of a Soto Zen Buddhist practitioner, Saido Kennaway, at Telford Buddhist Priory.
Buddhist teachings show you a way of practice, to become liberated from greed hate and delusion and in this very moment realise, Bright Buddha Nature. In other words Practice-Enlightenment.

Four Noble Truths, a Way to Practice.

I’ve listened to Rev. Saido give this presentation ‘live’ a number of times and always end up inspired. Now I see he has recorded a video and available for all. Go to the Telford Buddhist Priory website and click on the ‘Talks’ link for a couple of short teaching videos answering the questions, Buddhism goes on about suffering. Don’t you find it pessimistic and depressing? Are you Enlightened? How would you know if you were or weren’t? Both recorded by the Clearvision Trust.

Thank you so much Reverend. Much appreciated.

Close Kind Encounters

Today, still staggering about suffering from the heat, still needing to find somebody to look at a seriously non fitting door when good fortune fell in my path. A works van pulled across the pavement in front of me to park. Long story short the lovely chap, Graham, is going to come and look at the door. Thing is, he said, plastic doors swell in the heat! Tell me! I thought.

Meanwhile Rev. Alicia, over in Cromford in the Derbyshire Dales, has had some heart warming close encounters.

Bodhisattva manifest at every turn. Everyday in the most ordinary/extraordinary ways.

When Words Escape – and how to find them!


On mentally stumbling
wildly thrashing
for words.
Frustration! – fear approaching.

All seems lost.

Break the
cognitive impasse.
One! – say ONE (or three)
That’s a number.


Then on ones heals
Look out and name
something you can see
Chair! Window! Plant.


frozen cogs freed
all fired up
Words come.
Escape the lips.

Thank Goodness!

NOTE: The direction is to THINK the number and the name not speak it! Might be a bit strange otherwise!

For Judy who passed on this handy tip to help when you have something to say out loud but the actual words swim around or simply evaporate. Something I have a problem with from time to time. Mostly when I’m trying to ‘find’ words rather than allowing them to come.

Little Did I Know

Yes. Little did I know that what I thought was H2O was H2SO4! No. Not that tragic thankfully. However today I did enter the wrong postcode into a navigation application which had me in N12 and not N17!

Late for a meeting, in unfamiliar London, I walked and walked a road, up and back. Up and back. Little knowing or realizing I was far distant from my intended destination.

How often do we pace back and forth in our own minds? Seeking. Searching for an intended ‘destination’ only to eventually realized you’re in the wrong ‘place’ all together. We can use help in such circumstances. Sometimes somebody pointing out the way forward can save stress and heartache.

In my case this morning having paced for more than an hour, I called for a taxi. A very expensive taxi ride later I landed on target thanks to the calm compassionate driver. Thanks to all who help us on our way.

London Underground platform waiting room.