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One of the senior monks of our Order can be found answering questions on camera as part of the Clear Vision schools project, Ask a Buddhist. While I have not seen the videos personally, since I’m on a slow dial-up connection, Angie who comments regularly here has. She said, What a wonderful site! It is lovely to see and hear our Reverend – it is definitely worth putting on your blog. Thank you.

Here are the questions the children asked:
Are you Enlightened? If not, how do you know? How would you know if you were?
A question on why Buddhist meditate and there is an answer to the following query: Buddhism goes on about suffering. Don’t you find it pessimistic and depressing? Good questions, I look forward to seeing and hearing the answers. As I understand it this is not a studio production job and the answers were caught on the fly, so to speak, with little or no opportunity for preparation.

For anybody with children or teachers giving instruction on Buddhism, The Clear Vision Trust is a wonderful resource.

I’m sorry if you are, like me, on a slow internet connection and not able to view these videos.

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3 thoughts on “Ask a Buddhist”

  1. I agree with Angie – great videos and clear explanations (with humour) from Rev Master Saido. I don’t know why, but the link to the “Are You Enlightened” video didn’t work for me.

  2. Dear Friends in the Dharma,

    Thanks for your appreciative comments about our work at the Clear Vision Trust. I’ve been here as education officer nearly 11 years and it’s great to see us making more links with Buddhists outside our own tradition (The Friends of the Western Buddhist Order). If you want to answer any of the questions on Ask a Buddhist!, please sit down in front of a camera, record your short answer and email it to us! My mission is to help young people understand Buddhism, representing a breadth of the Buddhist tradition, so if your answers differ from what’s there, so much the better. You may like to know that schoolteachers think this service is fantastic, especially as it’s free.

    Finally, if you feel moved to support our work, all donations are welcome. We are a Right Livelihood project and our team of three ordained Buddhists take only what’s necessary for a simple, decent life; this money comes almost entirely from the sales of our DVDs for schools. Sponsorship in any form is something we only dream of!

    With good wishes in the Dharma,


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