Balm For The Heart

Scott Valley.

Coming upon a clearing in the woodland these waving grasses quite took my breath away. Like living velvet. Balm for the heart and no mistaking it.

Twas a great day out.

For armchair travelers see Fort Jones, a small and historic town in the Scott Valley.

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One thought on “Balm For The Heart”

  1. Ahhh, grass! As kids we loved to play hide-and-seek in the summer nights in the big meadows where the grass had grown taller than over our heads. What a sight! Beautiful sunsents and then stars, even the Milky Way brightly spilled across the sky and THEN little heads bobbing up and down, disappearing for a moment and then reappearing. The seeker trying to find the others, the hiders staying hidden. Until, suddenly, unexpected, CAUGHT! and the sound of a voice “You’re IT!” Hider now seeker, seeker now hider in the waving grass.

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