That In-Between-Time

Eden_Valley_with_Viaduct1.jpgEden Valley – April.

Between winter and spring
When neither snow falls
Nor one bird sings

Lancaster_by_the_river1.jpgBy the river with rubbish, Lancaster

Left alone
In a silent, bare
Land of eye and ear.

Honey_suckle1.jpgHoneysuckle after rain.

A sound
A sight
From the up-reaching, barren
Branched trees

smiling_faced_flowers1.jpgCalw, Black Forest

Eye and Ear
Found full
Then back again
To the day
Between winter and spring.
Jacks Poem.

Present_for_Pilgrim.jpgPresents for Pilgrim

And so it is
and so it has been.
These past couple of weeks
since leaving the Eden Valley
– and that rock in the stream!

Full to brimming.
And dull dark dripping days.
Gardening, sewing,
Eating and talking.
– and passing on a tradition.

What an honour.

Thanks for your patience while I deal with many matters. Thankfully I’ve a reliable Internet connection now so posting must surely resume.

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2 thoughts on “That In-Between-Time”

  1. When I notice the moment in-between I am happy because that shows me the value of all moments. Thank you. May your journey be a straight line, with gentle curves.
    In gassho,

  2. one of those ‘clever’ moment when I’m tempted to respond with a pithy couple of words. Thankfully I am resisting the temptation. So thanks Helmut – that’s pithy enough.

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